The project is 1969-1971 years

The spaceships “Soyuz T” (Union T) and “Soyuz TM” (Union TM) flights began in 1980 and continue present days.

The “Soyuz T” (Union T)  spaceship Orbital Compartment  interior

The spaceship’s inside decoration is normally made of non-flammable, non-toxic materials as matte enamel, artificial leather and decorative pile textile.

In the Orbital compartment of the spaceships “Soyuz T” (Union T)matte enamel was used for covering of metal surfaces of the “Cupboard” and handrails and other elements of construction. And pile fabrics were used for covering of the compartment’s body, floor and “sofa”.

These fabrics serve several functions:

  1. Could absorb accidental collision of astronauts with metal surfaces
  2. Could protect from condensate
  3. Color decoration
  4. Serve as a means of fixing various objects and people in conditions of weightlessness

Pile fabrics works like velcro. Astronauts could glue small pieces of velcro on different things like food, boxes etc. and hold them on the body of the Orbital compartment this way.

Crew members were also fixed in position by means of a belt with velcro.

Вариант цветового решения интерьера отсека
The version of color scheme of the Orbital Compartment interior.
Предварительный вариант компоновки орбитального отсека
Preliminary version of the Orbital Compartment composition

Окончательный вариант проекта интерьера орбитального отсека корабля “Союз-Т”
"Soyuz T" (Union T) spaceship orbital compartment project final version

В действующем макете орбитального отсека ”Союза-Т”
The "Soyuz T" (Union T) spaceship Orbital Compartment working model

The  “Soyuz T” (Union T) spaceship Landing Module

The Landing Module is designed to accommodate the crew during the phases of orbital injection, control the spaceship in orbital flight, during the controlled descent in the atmosphere, parachute descent and landing. It is a hermetically sealed module equipped with two side portholes and one porthole with orienting device. The Landing Module body is covered with thermal protection outside and with thermal protection and decoration inside. There are crew console, different controls and buttons, main and backup system devices and equipment, containers for the return scientific equipment and the safety stock for the crew in the Landing Module.

Galina Balashova worked at the Landing Module interior. She selected decorative coverage that closed cables, pipes, appliances, machines, etc. She invented manner of fastening decorative coverage to the Landing Module body.

Light-green non-toxic double layer of decorative material “Bogatyr” (Hercules) is used for decorotive coverage.

Эскиз интерьера спускаемого аппарата
Landing Module interior sketch
Схема спускаемого аппарата корабля “Союз”
"Soyuz" (Union) spaceship Landing Module scheme
В действующем макете спускаемого аппарата “Союза”
Inside "Soyuz T" (Union T) landing module working model