Эмблема программы Союз-Аполлон
The space program "Soyuz-Apollo" emblem

The spaceship interior project was made in 1971-1975.

“Soyuz-Apollo” space program “Soyuz-19” (Union-19) spaceship flight was in 1975.

Soviet-American program “Soyuz-Apollo” started in the beginning 1970s. Galina Balashova was involved in this space program like a “Soyuz-19” (Union-19) spaceship Orbital Compartment designer.

One of the main tasks of the space program was to provide a television report from orbit during the docking of “Soyuz” (Union) and “Apollo” spaceships. So it was necessary to place cameras and lights for filming inside the Orbital Compartment. As well as the use of decorative finishes and enamel giving no glare when working TV and movie cameras.

There was a problem with the color of “sofa” and “floor”. Firstly “floor” and “sofa” wanted to cover with dark red or gray fabric. But on the TV screen red pile fabric looked black, so green color was chosen because on the screen this color was almost not changed.

“Soyuz” (Union) and “Apollo” spaceships were demanstrated at an exhibition in France at Le Bourget in 1973. Galina Balashova has painted the oficial emblem EFAS (Experimental Flight “Apollo”-“Soyoz”) for this exhibition.

This emblem became the official emblem of the program a year later. It was approved by NASA and USSR Academy of Sciences. For reasons of “confidentiality” Galina Balashova was not allowed to sign a picture of this emblem. And the program director K. Bushuyev forced her to give up copyright, so she wrote a statement to the Agency copyright.

Внутри орбитального отсека “Союза” по программе “Союз-Аполлон”
Inside "Soyuz-Apollo" space program "Soyuz" (Union) spaceship Orbital Compartment

Утвержденный проект интерьера орбитального отсека “Союза-19” по программе “Союз-Аполлон”, 1973г.
"Soyuz-Apollo" space program "Soyuz" (Union) spaceship Orbital Compartment interior approved project, 1973

Компоновка орбитального отсека
The orbital compartment configuration

The orbital compartment equipment list

  1. manhole cover
  2. docking unit
  3. handrail
  4. drinking water receiver
  5. waste container
  6. landing manhole
  7. waste collection device
  8. folding table
  9. “cupboard”
  10. control panel
  11. TV camera
  12. tools, communication cables
  13. container for scientific equipment
  14. container for food
  15. first aid kit, headset
  16. TV camera
  17. Light
  18. TV camera
  19. work light
  20. container for onboard documentation
  21. junction box j-box
  22. “sofa”
  23. “floor” cover
  24. container for filming equipment, suits and sleeping bags
  25. fire extinguishers
  26. porthole
  27. container for hose spacesuits
  28. orbital compartment decorative coverage
  29. container for portable equipment
  30. gas analyzer
  31. compartments pressurization system valve handle
Посадочный люк, вид внутри отсека
Landing manhole, look inside the compartment
Левый борт, “Сервант”
The left side of the compartment, "cupboard"
Вид внутри отсека
Inside the compartment view
Наружный вид отсека; слева - посадочный люк
Compartment exterior, on the left there is the landing manhole
Фиксация человека в отсеке при помощи пояса из ворсовой молнии
Fixing a person inside the compartment with the velcro belt
Левый борт отсека, “Сервант”
The left side of the compartment, "cupboard"
Правый борт
Right side
Ящик с оборудованием в “Диване”; на дверце - перечень оборудования
The box with the equipment in the "sofa", on the door there is a list of equipment
Потолок отсека
The ceiling of the compartment
Вид отсека из посадочного люка
The compartment view from the landing manhole
Фрагменты корпуса отсека
Fragments of the compartment body