The project of the station was made in 1976-1986.

The station was on the Earth Orbit from 1986 to 2001.

When designing the orbital space station “MIR” (World, Peace) designers had to deal with large amounts of space.

If the volume of “Soyuz” (Union) compartments were a few cubic meters, the volume of “MIR” (World, Peace) compartments were a few tens of cubic meters (~ 40m3). This made it possible to design different functional areas: work area, recreation area – “living room”, medical area, cabins.

Functional areas were covered with different colors: Working zone with blue and green colors, “living room” was in warm colors. The decoration materials were used the same as in “Souz” (Union). These were non-flammable and non-toxic fabrics and enamel.

Means of fixing people and things were velcro and rubber bands. “MIR” (World, Peace) orbital space station configuration scheme was used in the ISS – International Space Station construction.

Орбитальная станция “Мир”. Рисунок общего вида
The orbital space station "MIR" (World, Peace) general view
Первоначальный вариант проекта интерьеров орбитальной станции “Мир” - салон
The recreation area - "living room" "MIR" (World, Peace) orbital space station design first version
Первоначальный вариант проекта интерьеров орбитальной станции “Мир” - рабочая зона
The working area "MIR" (World, Peace) orbital space station design first version
Орбитальная станция “МИР”
The orbital space station "MIR" (World, Peace)

Орбитальная станция “МИР”

  1. The base unit
  2. “Soyuz-T” (Union-T) spaceship
  3. Interstage compartment
  4. Positioning device jack
  5. Side docking devices
  6. Approach antenna
  7. The working compartment
  8. The working compartment manhole
  9. The central control station
  10. Rails
  11. Removable interior panels
  12. Solar panels
  13. Veloergometer
  14. Desktop
  15. Individual cabin
  16. WC
  17. Washing device
  18. Satellite communication antenna
  19. The axial docking device
  20. The running track
  21. Intermediate chamber
  22. The engine with the roof
  23. Target
  24. Service module
  25. Manhole cover
  26. Porthole
  27. Porthole Blenda
За обеденным столом
At the dining table
Доставлены контейнеры с пищевыми рационами
Containers with food rations

В салоне во время полета станции “Мир”
In the cabin during The "MIR" (World, Peace) station flight

Интерьер салона станции “МИР” во время полета
"MIR" (World, Peace) space station interior during the flight

Медицинский угол салона
Medical corner of cabin
В рабочем отсеке во время полета
In the working compartment during the flight
На полу рабочего отсека космонавты смотрят на Землю
Astronauts are looking at the Earth on the working compartment "floor"