In the first project the “Soyuz” (Union) orbital compartment interior which was approved by the Sergey Korolev in 1964, Galina Balashova included a landscape painting that would remind the astronauts about the Earth. When the spaceships construction was completed Galina Balashova had been asked to give one of her paintings for the new “Soyuz” (Union). Designers and engineers knew about the architect’s paintings, because she presented her watercolors to many people.

Usually being engaged in painting Galina Balashova worked outdoors painting watercolor landscapes. They were too big for the limited Orbital compartment volume. So she made smaller copies of the pictures for the “Soyuz” (Union) spaceships. They were inserted into the light metal frame and attached to the rail near the windows helping to move the astronauts in weightlessness.

These watercolors have never returned from space. According to the used technology of the “Soyuz” (Union) flight, astronauts descended to the Earth in the landing module. And orbital compartment where they lived and worked burned along with the watercolors when landing on the ground.

story by Andrey Kaftanov, Architecture and urban development research institute
Берег черного моря
Black Sea Coast
Морской прибой
Sea surf
Деревня зимой
Village in winter
Весна, половодье
Spring high water
Осень в Подмосковье
Autumn in Moscow suburbs
Зимний сад
Winter garden
Месяц март, оттепель
Month of March thaw